Dining Facilities in Cornwall

Cornwall is a preferred seaside vacation destination as it boasts the sunniest climate and the longest coastline in Great Britain. Cornwall’s best restaurants showcase plenty of local seafood cuisine with a great reputation.

No matter the occasion, Cornwall’s restaurants can cater for it. The only problem diners face when visiting Cornwall is choosing the menu to try out first because restaurants offer various options. However, we have researched and identified the most innovative and exciting restaurants and menus that you should try out.

The Seafood Restaurant Padstow

This restaurant was opened by Jill Stein and Rick back in 1975, and as the name suggests its well known for serving the best seafood menu. The restaurant is famous internationally and has a reputation for serving the best shellfish and freshest fish. When you visit the restaurant, you will meet the head chef Pete Murt and his team, ready to serve you the best seafood cuisine with classic flavours.

St Tudy Inn

The St Tudy Inn is a 17th-century pub located in the tiny village of St Tudy outside Bodmin near the River Camel. The restaurant and inn boast rooms that provide visitors with a unique and quiet environment for a countryside themed retreat. St Tudy Inn is famous for preparing menus that pair with the seasonal produce of the neighbouring areas.

The Shore

The Shore is known for its tasty fresh fish, sourced from the day boats of Newlyn, prepared by the head chef and proprietor Bruce Rennie. This modern, small bistro offers menus with a seasonal focus meaning that you will hardly find the same dishes when you visit on different days. Bruce Rennie has worked with Gary Rhodes, Chris Simpson and Martin Wishart in the kitchen.