Types of Accommodation and Facilities

When travelling to Cornwall, there is different accommodation to choose from that offer various experiences and facilities. This post will discuss some of the accommodations and the amenities one may find at each facility. Here are some of the best accommodation options available in Cornwall.


Hotels are among the options that offer accommodation in Cornwall and are rated from one to five stars, with the highest being a five-star rating. In most cases, hotels are rated by the country as opposed to a worldwide authority. So, you may find a four-star hotel in one country may be regarded as a three-star hotel in another country.

A one-star rated hotel is a bare room with a few essentials, and there is no likelihood of finding a bar and pool. As the star level goes up, the hotel offers other benefits such as excellent furniture, bigger TV sets, and more comfortable beds. In addition, one will see more facilities outside the hotel and inside the room.

The services will also improve as you move higher with high-rated hotels employing more staff and 24-hour services. The hotel will do everything to make your stay comfortable. Standard hotel features include separate bathrooms and bedrooms, bars, restaurants, Wi-Fi, work desks, 24-hour reception, conference and business facilities, and TVs with access to multiple channels.

Self-Catering Accommodation

Cottages, apartments, villas, and cabins are excellent for more extended vacations and for space to prepare their meals. Most self-catering accommodation properties come with facilities and great furnishings that allows a visitor to stay for long as they may wish.

In hotter countries, some villas come with a swimming pool that will enable visitors to have a private place to relax during the summer season. When travelling and not sure of the available self-catering accommodation facilities in your destination, consider looking on popular accommodation booking websites such as Airbnb, VRBO UK or TUI Villas.

Some facilities you can find in a self-catered facility include a living space, bedroom, kitchen, washing machine and Wi-Fi.


A resort is another accommodation option and tends to be self-contained, offering almost all the facilities one needs and is ideal for family vacations. Resorts can be located in isolated rural places or close to towns. They provide the perfect getaway experiences such as birthdays or honeymoons.

Standard features include multiple large swimming pools, gym facilities, well-equipped bedrooms and bathrooms, an all-inclusive option that may consist of drinks and meals and Wi-Fi access. Before travelling or choosing an accommodation facility, it’s essential to read through the reviews and discover the opinion of other travellers.